About Tom Koster

Tom Koster with his sculpture Wonky Eight

Tom started sculpture at the age of eight, taking fortnightly classes with local professional artist and teacher, Beatrice Hoffman. His early works were stylised animals, including an anteater, puppy and wolf; and an armadillo and a dragon that were made as gifts.

As he grew older, he moved into imagined creatures, and spent a number of years experimenting with clay, still with the guidance and support of Beatrice. The results of this experimental period are safely hidden in boxes in the attic.

His style changed when he was about 15, to the abstract works that he still produces today, and can be seen on this website. He is inspired by shape and form, and there is often a mathematical element to his work. If you would like more information on any of Tom’s pieces, or would like to buy one, please use the contact button.

Apprenticeship with Lendon Scantlebury

Sculptor Lendon Scantlebury was never very fond of art school, but his talent was recognised, nurtured and developed by a mentor. Lendon, in turn, as a successful sculptor himself, loved to encourage and mentor young artists.

Every year Lendon would take a promising young artist, and would work with them to produce a piece, which would then be unveiled at an exhibition. In 2016, Tom was lucky enough to be the recipient of the apprenticeship, culminating in the unveiling of his sculpture Twisted Trefoil at an exhibition at Farmer Gow’s in September 2016.

Lendon became a close friend as well as a mentor to Tom, but he died, suddenly and tragically, in early 2017. Lendon’s partner in life and art, Dawn Benson, together with some of Lendon’s friends, set up the Heartstone Fund in Lendon’s memory, to carry on his work by helping other young people make the transition to professional artist. Tom is a keen supporter of the Fund, and has exhibited at all three of its events this year.