Sculpture by Tom Koster

Twisted Trefoil

September 2016

Twisted Trefoil is Tom's largest work to date. It is the piece that he created under the tutelage of Lendon Scantlebury, and is cast in bronze resin. It was first exhibited at Farmer Gow's, in September 2016, and was completed only a few minutes before the show began. There is a documentary of the creative process for this piece, available on YouTube.

Double Twist

February 2016

Tom created Double Twist whilst he was studying with Beatrice Hoffman. The piece is in bronze resin, on a wooden plinth, and is in an edition of 25. It is inspired by Tom's love of simple but strong form.

Growing Apart

February 2016

Growing Apart was made whilst Tom was working under Beatrice Hoffman, and is a bronze resin cast. The piece shows the first two leaves of a sapling, spreading from the stem.


March 2016

Mobius is an early piece, and is inspired by the Mobius Strip. The work is cast in iron resin.

Wonky Eight

September 2016

Wonky Eight is made in Jesmonite. Whilst Tom was working with Lendon on his big piece, he decided to make a second piece, and this is the result. The original is very special to Tom, but it can be cast in any resin, on request.

Looping Möbius

June 2017

Looping Möbius is Tom's most recent work, inspired by the Möbius Strip, but given Tom's abstract treatment. The piece is in bronze resin, mounted on a wood plinth. The curves and strong abstract shape are characteristic of Tom's mathematically inspired work.